Sometimes you just need
One Real Pocket

Hooks onto pants, totes or shirts

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One Real Pocket

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One Real Pocket is a handmade/homemade pocket made in Ohio. No two are the same.
It can hook on to your pants, tote and more.
Because, sometimes you just need One Real Pocket!

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Our Story

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Our founder got tired clothing that had pockets that where too small to hold a phone. If there was a pocket, there was a risk of the phone doing a backflip into the toliet!

Tired of soaking her phone, she built One Real Pocket.

A single real pocket that chould hold her phone, while reducing the backflip potential.

One Real Pocket is not a fanny pack. It is a pocket that hangs out on your side without adding bulk to your fanny (or tummy) and there is no cross body strap.

Each pocket is handmade.

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